Things To Know If You Haven’t Winterized Your Pool
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If the power is on:

  • Run your filter pump and any water feature pumps continuously
  • If you have a variable speed pump, increase the speed to 100% while the temps are below freezing
  • If you have a separate cleaner pump, it should be fine since water circulates thru the pump continuously
  • If you have a sand filter, don’t backwash during freezing temps
  • If possible, adjust your pool return fittings to point up. This should reduce surface freezing
  • Disconnect offline chlorinators that use small tubing. Cap or plug the tubing holes in the pipe. If you have enough tubing, you can simply connect one of the hoses to both tubing connections

If the power goes off:

  • Turn all pool circuit breakers off
  • Remove the drain plug at the bottom of the filter and open the air relief valve on top
  • If you have a sand filter, put the selector valve in between any two positions. This always any trapped water to drain.
  • Remove drain plugs from ALL pumps. Filter and circulation pumps normally have two plugs. Cleaner pumps normally have one plug but may have 2. Check carefully
  • If you have a heater, open any visible drain valves and remove plugs
  • If you have an offline chlorinator, remove the chlorinator and loosen the lid. If you have an inline chlorinator, remove the drain plug and loosen the lid
  • Place gizmos in the skimmer(s). If you don’t have gizmos, an empty plastic bottle with the top secured tightly will work in a pinch. Water bottles should be held half under water with some sort of weight
  • Throw an old blanket over the pool equipment for a little added insurance

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